Aussie Influencer Opinions Says She’s Copped 5K More Followers Since Last Night’s Insta Crusade

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Aussie Influencer Opinions has revealed that she copped 5000 follow requests overnight after returning to Instagram to call out anti-vaxxer influencers.

“Huge response of support from last night’s posts,” the anonymous account admin began. “Really has highlighted just how upset, frustrated and hurt people are feeling during these times.”

She went on to reveal that she has been contacted by health care workers, people who have contracted COVID, the families of people with COVID, and essential workers “who have experienced aggression in their workplace due to COVID protesters / conspiracists / non-believers.”

She has also been contacted by people who have been separated from their families, people who have lost their income due to COVID and people who “didn’t think they would be here today.”

“My question for people like these influencers is: why would you go against supporting anyone of the above? Why would you criticise healthcare workers when you’ve needed them for help yourself?” she added.

“Why would you encourage and support a protest when it’s inevitable that it will cause lockdown to be extended?”

She went on to say that she received over 5000 follow requests as “people are sad and angry.”

“These selfish ‘anti COVID safety practise’ displays are not something I’m here to sit on the fence about.”

In a series of Instagram Stories last night, Aussie Influencer Opinions announced that she’s returned after a five month hiatus to “call out the bullshit.”

She said she doesn’t “believe in supporting anti-lockdown protests” and “will not keep quiet about people who believe that yesterday’s protests were a positive thing.”

She went on to slam influencers like Chloe Szep who has been sharing dangerous information on her page, and she also slammed Tammy Hembrow and Em Davies for following a page called Seek The Truth, which shares anti-vax and COVID conspiracy theory posts.

Head here to read more of what went down on Instagram last night.

And, of course, go and chuck her a follow for more.

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