‘I Was In Actual Hell’: Ryan Reynolds Recounts ‘Traumatic’ Experience On Masked Singer Korea

Ryan Reynolds has discussed that time he appeared on The Masked Singer Korea, describing the experience as “truly horrible.”

Appearing on Today, the beloved actor recalled the time, while promoting Deadpool 2 in 2018, when he dressed as a unicorn and sang a rendition of ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie on the international version of the popular singing show.

“I’ve been doing this job a long time, and when you go on these international tours, you start to say, ‘What’s the weirdest show we can go on?’” Reynolds said.

“This was before The Masked Singer was in the US. So they said, ‘They have this show called [King of] Mask Singer, which is huge in South Korea,’” he explained. “I said, ‘Lord, we’re doing this show. We have to do that show.’”

He continued: “At the time, no Westerner had been on that show before, so it was a big surprise when I lost the mask.”

The actor said that his experience was not enjoyable at all, admitting that he wasn’t really prepared.

“What’s crazy is, I was in actual hell,” he said. “When I was there, I was like, ‘Why did I sign up to do this? This is horrible! This is truly horrible! I don’t even know this song, I don’t know how to do this. It was traumatic.”

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to being in uncomfy situations at work.

I once interviewed the bloke for the movie Free Guy and he recalled how back when he was a waiter, people would call him “guy”. RUDE.

“When I was younger, I was a bus boy at a fancy yacht club and I was just the guy picking up and cleaning dishes. I did that job for a couple of years and I remember people would just call me ‘Guy’ sometimes and it wasn’t meant as a nice thing, it was just a generic, ‘Hey, guy! Grab this for me and clean it!!!’ he told me, adding that “it’s always kind of stuck with me.”

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