The US Just Released A Teaser For The Masked Dancer & We’re Gonna Cop Our Own, Aren’t We?

The Masked Dancer

In news I don’t know how to preface, America is gearing up for… The Masked Dancer, inspired by the original South Korean format. It is what you think it is, and much like its predecessor, The Masked Singer, it looks like the stuff of nightmares, or sleep paralysis.

In The Masked Dancer, guessing panelists Ken JeongPaula AbdulBrian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale gather ’round to guess who is dancing across the stage in costumes.

Naturally, because the mystery celebrities actually have to, well, dance, the costumes aren’t as intense as Masked Singer. 

There’s Tulip, Bird, Sloth, Zebra, Cotton Candy, and Cricket. I feel like those sound relatively normal and cute compared to this cursed thing our version of Masked Singer put together earlier this year.

I mean, I applaud the artistry but holy shit.

Network Ten.

ANYWAY, The Masked Dancer released a teaser this morning. Turns out it’s hosted by none other than Craig Robinson, AKA “Doug Judy” AKA “The Pontiac Bandit” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Have at it.

I think my favourite bit about the US version of the show is that the panellists can throw out guesses like Britney Spears and Lionel Richie and they aren’t completely impossible… whereas we can’t. We try though and that’s all that matters.

The Masked Dancer, like The Masked Singer, is based on the hugely loved South Korean format. Let us never forget the time Ryan Reynolds went on the show to promote Deadpool while touring the country.

Network Ten ended up streaming the latest season of The Masked Singer US on our tellies, so maybe it’ll do the same with Masked Dancer.

To be honest, we might even end up with our own version. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, considering Ten just axed Dancing with the Stars earlier this year. There’s room for it!

The Masked Singer, meanwhile, was renewed, with panellists Jackie ODave HughesDannii Minogue, and Urzila Carlson all slated to return in 2021.

If you have a sudden urge to watch the American or Australian version of The Masked Singer, you can stream it now on 10Play.