‘His Story Must Be Told’: Did Ryan Gosling Just Drop Some Surprisingly Deep & Personal Ken Tea?

Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie

Ryan Gosling has come out swinging against folks who think he’s too old to play Ken in the upcoming Barbie film. His response was surprisingly deep and I won’t lie, the man had me giggling.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the 42-year-old gave us a taste of the incoming movie magic and proved that he is not only the perfect choice, but also the only choice.

“I would say, you know, if people don’t want to play with my Ken, there are many other Kens to play with,” Gosling began.

He then points out that people didn’t really give a shit about the character until he was cast. It was truly Barbie’s world and we, along with Ken, were all just living in it.

“Suddenly, it’s like, ‘No, we’ve cared about Ken this whole time,’” Gosling quipped.

“No, you didn’t. You never did. You never cared.

“Barbie never f**ked with Ken. That’s the point.”

He finishes his tirade by hilariously arguing that Ken wholly deserves his screen time.

“If you ever really cared about Ken, you would know that nobody cared about Ken. So your hypocrisy is exposed.

“This is why his story must be told.

“I care about this dude now. I’m like his representative.”

Lol. Marry me.

He is truly in his himbo era and we love him for it.

Barbie will hit cinema screens on July 20 with Aussie gal Margot Robbie in the titular role. I’ve already booked my pink Corvette to roll into the premiere driving.

Personally, I hope it goes gangbusters so the studio will back a Ken origin story starring our boy. And, from the sounds of the early reviews, it will.

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