Early Reviews For The Barbie Movie Are Glowing & It Sounds Way More Complex Than We Thought

Barbie movie early reviews praise film

Early reviews are starting to crop up for Greta Gerwig‘s highly-anticipated Barbie movie and trust me, however good you thought this flick was going to be, it’s looking even better.

A test-screening for the upcoming film was held last week in New Jersey and the responses to it are nothing short of glowing. In fact, there’s even some tidbits of tea about the movie’s plot that we didn’t know before. So fair warning, I don’t consider these to be spoilers, but if you want to watch the movie with no prior knowledge of the plot, maybe don’t read these reviews.

Okay, in we go.

“I saw Barbie. Loved it. Gonna be a massive movie,” one person wrote, per World of Reel.

“Fiercely feminist and volcanically hysterical. So flashy and bright. Will win Oscars for Costume and Design, they’re delicious.”

As for the plot, it looks like Barbie *is* the feminist re-telling of our dreams.

“It deconstructs the feminist iconography of Barbie and recontextualises her for a new generation,” the review continued.

“Creates strong commentary and juxtaposition. Since this is Gerwig, there’s a big heart at the centre.

Margot [Robbie] plays Barbie with a Valley accent, interest and agency, as she questions her position in Barbieland and clashes with Ken about patriarchy.

“[Ryan] Gosling is outstanding as Ken, perhaps his best performance. He’s a huge scene stealer and gets to sing and dance. He will probably get Oscar nominated. Will Ferrell hasn’t been this funny in years, he plays a shallow and performative CEO of Mattel. Other standouts include Rhea Pearlman and Michael Cera.”

Okay, I need to know what made Michael Cera standout in Barbie, of all films.

Another review praised the film’s set design and camp vibes.

“It’s one of the best studio films in years and easily best studio comedy in even longer,” it said.

“An absolute delight that will be an obsessive favorite. Greta elevated her game. Visually, it’s iconic. The costumes pop off the screen and the sets appropriately feel toy-esque and animated. Every performance is on the same wavelength and delivers on the camp. Gosling is MVP and has never been better. His performance will be memed to death.

“Despite the overall spiky and over the top comedy (there’s even a chase scene!), it remains surprisingly emotional and playfully and blissfully political without being heavy-handed. It moves quickly but nails it’s narrative beats. America Ferrara’s monologue about double standards women face earned applause. It’ll be PG-13, there’s sexual jokes and swearing.”

OMFG, please tell me we hear Barbie drop an F-bomb. PLEASE.

World of Reel wrote that it had received plenty of other reviews but they were too spoiler-y to publish. What the publication did reveal was that (spoiler alert) there are heaps of plot twists in the Barbie movie.

It apparently isn’t just a “fish out of water” narrative but actually deals with complex notions around what it means to be alive, to be a woman, to be human and imperfect — especially for Barbie, who starts thinking about death?!?!?

Oh, and apparently Ken has an existential crisis on what his purpose is, if not to worship Barbie.

I’ve never been so excited for a movie in my life. Barbie is my Joker.

Barbie releases in cinemas on July 21, 2023. You can read everything we know about it here.