Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes For Shiz Up The Spout

It’s official, kids. Genetically superior human Eva Mendes and the man who is handsome beyond Tumblr’s capacity to even deal with it, Ryan Gosling, are expecting the arrival of a human child almost guaranteed to be infinitely more attractive and talented in its first 5 seconds of life than you could ever hope to be throughout the entirety of yours.

American rag US Weekly confirmed the news that Mendes is seven months pregnant with the star of a million future gifs – though the confirmation does come from “an insider” so take that for what you will. Still, it’s probably best not to cling too tightly to your RyGos body pillows.
The rumour mill has been typically swirling – as it is wont to do in this work a day age – about the couple who have been dating for three years, since meeting on the set of 2011’s The Place Beyond the Pines. Bless.
But it appears that this is the best indicator yet that everyone’s favourite set of abs is about to become Big Daddy Gosling for the first time.
In the meantime, and in a world exclusive, we’ve managed to infiltrate the couple’s Doctor’s offices and access their records. Presenting the first official gif of the baby Gosling!
You’re welcome, The Internet.
Photo: Sonia Recchia via Getty Images.