Perez Hilton Has Been Perma-Banned From TikTok & Is Publicly Begging Charli D’Amelio For Help

Perez Hilton Charli D'Amelio

Perez Hilton has been banned from TikTok permanently, and is now begging Charli D’Amelio and her family to intervene, after claims that he was removed from the app without any warning whatsoever.

In a video posted on Sunday, the celebrity blogger and commentator said TikTok permanently removed his account for violating “multiple” community guidelines such as ‘harassment’, ‘bullying’ and even ‘nudity’.

“Today I created a backup TikTok account, and TikTok just deleted [it],” Hilton said in a video announcing the ban.

“I am feeling numb, and I don’t wanna seem overly dramatic, but I feel like my world is crumbling. This feels like a death to me.

“I have reached out to Charli D’Amelio and her family, I messaged them on Instagram begging them for help… with all the humility in the world, I grovel to them and pray they find kindness in their heart to please help me.”

Before his removal, Hilton was posting coverage of entertainment news as per his usual gig, with 1.6 million followers in total and around 10 million views per week, the New York Times reports.

Check out the vid below.

So why is Hilton pleading to D’Amelio and her extended family? Well, the young celebrity who recently became the most followed person on TikTok with 100 million followers has a past with the blogger, which may be the reason Hilton was banned in the first place.

Back in March, Hilton commented “anyone else think it’s inappropriate for a 15-year-old to dance to this?” on one of D’Amelio’s videos, and since then fans of the star have been seeking Hilton’s removal.

According to Hilton’s video, it is his belief that fans of D’Amelio may have teamed up against him to report his videos and comments excessively until his account was removed. On top of this, Hilton suspects that his content aimed at TikTok and their policies may have lead to his downfall.

“I think the reason I have been permanently banned without any warning is because I’ve been talking about a lot of creators on TikTok.

“Maybe I’m also being punished because I’ve been critical vocally about TikTok practices… I’m sorry, I will shut up. I will keep any criticisms about TikTok private.”

TikTok has since reiterated that pressure from users of the app was not responsible for Hilton’s removal.

“We are deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming and supportive community environment. Our Community Guidelines apply to everyone and everything shared on TikTok, and we remove accounts that repeatedly violate our policies,” a spokesperson told the New York Times.

Currently, it doesn’t look like Perez Hilton will be back on the app anytime soon, but as always, this won’t be the last we hear from him.