The D’Amelio Family Is Trying To Make Michael Jackson Cool Again In A Fkn Weird SponCon Deal


The entire D’Amelio family is promoting Michael Jackson on their TikTok accounts and hoo boy, I have *so* many questions.

During my daily doomscroll through TikTok yesterday, I stumbled across a video of Dixie D’Amelio lipsyncing to Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror.

@dixiedamelio???????? ##epicrecordspartner♬ Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

I was immediately taken aback by the video, because the song isn’t exactly a ~trendy~ TikTok track, and considering the controversy surrounding the late singer, it’s probably not a great PR move to make yourself synonymous with his music. But then I looked at the #epicrecordspartner hashtag, and to quote Michael Jackson himself, “no message could have been any clearer.”

Sponcon, baby.

A further dig through the D’Amelio family’s accounts shows that Charli and their parents have also shared Michael Jackson songs, alongside the #epicrecordspartner hashtag in recent weeks.


♬ Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

Obviously, it’s important to note that Michael Jackson was found not guilty in a court of law of any of the allegations against him, but following the recent Leaving Neverland documentary, it’s an interesting choice for the company to be promoting him of all artists.

Now, I’m not hating on anyone for getting that #sponcon bread. Heck, if I were Charli D’Amelio, I’d be dancing my way to the bank to cash in on my huge following every day of the week.

But it’s interesting to see that major record labels like Epic (a subsidiary of Sony) are paying TikTok stars to promote their music, presumably hoping to be the next Savage, Savage Love, Say So or Backyard Boy.

It’s unclear why Epic Records has chosen the controversial Michael Jackson to promote on the platform, but he’s not the only deceased musician to get the TikTok treatment.

The Beatles’ John Lennon is also a TikTok star now, with a verified account on which he (presumably a PR person for the Lennon estate) urges fans to do the ‘Nobody Told Me’ challenge. As a side note, if anyone uses footage of me after I die to encourage TikTok challenges, I’m coming back to haunt the shit out of all of you. You’ve been warned.

2020 has been an absolutely wild year, but trying to make decades-old music ~trendy~ on TikTok via sponcon and accounts for dead celebrities is truly not something I saw coming. But you know what they say, the devil works hard, but music industry executives work harder.