People Were Decidedly Not Into The Overhyped Second Date On ‘The Bachelor’

The latest ep of ‘The Bachelor‘ – which promised three evictees and “havoc in the house” – asked all the big questions tonight, including the centuries-old proverb: if you are a couple living in Sydney and you don’t go hiking in the Blue Mountains, are you even together?

Yeah, Matty J took fire-twirler Elora to NSW‘s number one outdoor date destination, much to the annoyance of the other contestants. Jen was definitely cool with it though: “I’m looking forward to a day without her in the house.”

Elora and Mr J locked lips “in this picturesque gorge, entirely to ourselves“, after a picnic and a ride on a giant inflatable swan, and then pashed by a fire, before one last snog outside Elora’s door, reportedly at Spicers Sangoma Retreat. Ya-huh – shock! horror! – Elora didn’t come home to the mansion that night.

The episode comes in the same week as rumours emerged via Woman’s Day that an unidentified contestant – now obvs Elora – enjoyed an adult sleepover with Matty J in the Mountains. I mean, she said this on national television: “It is crossing my mind that I could be spending more time with him tonight. It would be really nice.

And then the producer’s cut back to the pair outside her door, the winner’s music soaring – and oh, god, can someone please get Elora a glass of water because her thiiiiiiirst is palpable?

But, wait, the tabloid gossip get better, because apparently a pregnancy test turned up in one of the mansion’s bathrooms just days later. SCANDAL.

Still, Australia’s viewing public were savage about the overhyped second date.

The next day the rest of the team turned up to the Mountains for a good ol’ fashioned group date challenge, the Bachelor Bush Race, a race/Matty J-themed trivia sesh, the prize a single date with the man himself.

Elora, as the person who just spent the night with the bloke, was winnin’, until Florence decided to just cheat, and in one fell swoop saved an entire nation from falling asleep with boredom.

It’s okay though – Florence admitted her foul play while on her date with Matty, and scored a tongue-kiss of her own.

Later, because this show NEVER ENDS, Sharlene (???) decided to confront Matty about feeling “behind” the other girls, having spent almost no time alone with him. So Matty turfed her out:

There’s a lot about you that I really like and I think what we have is lovely but is that going to proceed and evolve into being a romantic connection? In my eyes… Unfortunately I don’t think it is.

At the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to Stephanie, another lady we can’t remember a dang thing about, and, in a brutal move from Mr-Man-With-Abs, yesterday’s winner of a single date and a snog, Alix. Ouch.