The Most Exciting Part About Tonight’s ‘Bachie’ Was This Spitting Camel

Some episodes of ‘The Bachelor‘ are jam-packed, filled with excitement, drama, fights and very graphic smooches. And sometimes, the most exciting thing about the episode is a camel. You can’t win them all, Matty J!

I’m not being entirely fair, the episode also included Jen, Simone, Elise & Cobie being selected for a group date, only to discover that each one of their parents would be joining them. They took it calmly, as you can tell by this picture.


But unfortunately, all this would be overshadowed, when Matty chose Tara for an individual date, and casually arrived on the back of a camel. As you do. Tara was a willing, but obviously horrified participant.


The date continued, and she ended up receiving a rose before the night was out. But social media was still stuck back at the camel.

And Tara’s response.

And that the framing of the shots was um, interesting.

And that the camel should probably just stay.

And of course, lots and lots of references to camel toe.

Anyway at the end of the episode, Elora (!) and Michelle went into the bottom two, and poor Michelle was sent off home.

Tomorrow night’s episode will apparently include some huge drama surrounding house villain Jen, but i’m unsure how it will upstage the camel. Tune in I guess.