Tonight’s ‘Bachelor’ Promises To Be A Bloodbath With Three Girls Going Home

The gals vying for Matty‘s love and/or attention on ‘The Bachelor‘ are dropping like flies, and suddenly Channel 10 has announced that three – count’em, one-two-three – girls are leaving the show tonight.

The Bachelor put up a ~drama~ filled promo about the forthcoming round of cuts.

It’s now that we transition from Bachelor start time – when every girl who gets cut leaves you wondering who the fuck they were, you’ve never seen them before in your life – and finals time, when every girl is your fave and honestly what is Matty thinking, just choose them all.

So who have we got left? The strong contenders right now are Florence, Tara, Laura and Florence, while Elora and Alix fall into the ‘started off strong but quickly lost interest’ category. Cobie, Michelle, Simone… you guys are on borrowed time here, and the only questions I have for Jennifer, Sharlene, Stephanie and Elise is… who? Why? What’s happening now?

Get ready to cross some names off your Bachie sweepstakes, mates.