A Preggo Test Allegedly Turned Up At The ‘Bachie’ Mansion After A Sleepover

It’s one of the greatest rorts of our time that Australian audiences no longer get to enjoy the drama associated with overnight dates on ‘The Bachelor’ (they were last an option during chunky hunk Tim Robards‘ season, though he opted out anyway).

But just because they’re not *officially* part of the show format doesn’t mean that current Bachelor, Matty J, isn’t cracking a fatchelor / putting a little bit of P in the V when the cameras stop rolling.

Gossip rag Woman’s Day has a mole in the mansion and said mole alleges that one unidentified contestant did, in fact, enjoy a cheeky sleepover with the Sydneysider following a yet-to-be-aired date at Spicers Sangoma Retreat in the Blue Mountains.

They bid adieu to each other with a pretty tame goodnight kiss, on-screen, but “the night didn’t end there”, according to the on-set spy.

“They met up later once the cameras weren’t around and picked up where they left off.”

But wait, there’s more: a motherflippin’ pregnancy test allegedly turned up at the mansion days later.

“A pregnancy test was discovered in one of the bathrooms,” the insider told Woman’s Day.

Of course, this could be nothing more than exceptionally juicy tabloid fodder – but, then again, it’s equally possible Matty J and his chosen lady found  themselves in the heat of the moment, 40km from the nearest 711 , and risked going bareback.

Living for even the slightest possibility this is true tbh.