Jen’s Given Her Post-‘Bachie’ Interviews & There’s So Much Tea, You Guys


Jen, one of several girls vying to be this season’s Bachelor villain, has given her tell-all exit interview, and it’s something to behold.

Last night Jen packed up her suitcase and flounced out of the house, after her attempts to double cross Lisa backfired spectacularly.

“I knew there were gonna be girls who needed to try and cut other girls down just to make themselves feel better. “All of them can get fucked.”


It followed several episodes of Jen mixing The Bachelor up with any one of Channel 10‘s other reality shows, going on and on about “strategy” and “cooking from the heart”. (Masterchef called, they say “….er, no thanks.”)

Now Jen’s giving a bunch of post-exit interviews, slamming the ~drama~ going on inside the Bachelor mansion and claiming herself to be a really good villain.

It’s peak “I hate drama / me when there’s drama”, all wrapped up in her post-Bachelor media tour.

Speaking to PopSugar, she explained that she left the show because she realised she wasn’t interested in Matty at all.

“If I’m completely honest, I woke up the day after Michelle left . . . And up until that point, you’re always scared and nervous about going home. That just made me feel like you’re here for the right reasons, you do care about Matty, you do think there could be something. As soon as Michelle got sent home, I wasn’t scared to leave anymore and realised I’d been staying there for my friendships, not because I was actually interested in Matty.”

And speaking to KIIS FM‘s Kyle and Jackie O, she called Matty a “douche” she didn’t want, anyway.

“I just wasn’t really into Matty, he’s just a bit of a douche. I really lost respect for him for the way he handled the whole Leah/Simone situation and I really don’t like the fact he sent Michelle home … To be honest I would never kiss Matty. How many girls has he made out with now, six? I would never degrade myself to make out with a guy who was making out with a girl six hours earlier, no thank you.”

The drama with the girls seems to be a major part of Jen’s Bachelor experience – or, considering she never got a single date, the only part.

According to her PopSugar interview: she’s friends with Michelle, used to like Elora but now doesn’t, and likes Leah but admits things got easier for her after Leah went home. She sided with Elora when somebody was being mean to Simone, but would swap sides when Simone and Leah were fighting.


PopSugar asked if she actually had an issue with Elora, and the short answer is: yes.

The long answer is:

“Elora and I actually started off as friends, we were in the same casting group to come on to the show. It was weird, because when the lights went out the first night, I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Elora!’ I was shouting across the room and everyone thought I was nuts, because I was calling this strange girl carrying fire Elora. But we were roommates for a bit, and then things started to happen with some of the girls we were both friends with and on opposite sides of an argument. So I think naturally, we had this on/off friendship. One week, we’d be allies because somebody would do wrong to Simone and I’d stick up for her; but then if Simone and Leah were having issues, I’d stick up for Leah and all of a sudden, Elora and I would have issues. I didn’t really have an issue with Elora until she made that horrid and degrading remark to Leah about tipping. I was like, OK, maybe it’s just on/off and women being women – sometimes you love each other, sometimes you hate each other. As soon as she said that, I was done with her. I would never say anything like that to Leah or Simone, and I just lost complete respect for Elora as a person. She plays herself off like she’s all about what’s good in the world and building each other up as women, but she had no problem tearing somebody down in a completely public group environment on national TV. It was horrible, so as of then, that’s when I lost respect for Elora and why I made the remark about throwing her off a cliff.”

But it wouldn’t be Jen without a gazillion mentions of how confident a woman she is, and a casual snarky comment about the other girls on the show.

That’s the thing, I think with the show, you need a villain who’s a strong character, who’s well-spoken and entertaining at the same time. I definitely think there were bigger bitches in the house than I was, but I think they were much sneakier about it, not as articulate or not as entertaining in the long run. We are trying to create a show and I did really well at being a good villain.

That being said, she doesn’t have any time for the ultimate Bachelor villain: last season’s Keira.

Speaking to Nova‘s Fitzy and Wippa, Jen said:

“I would never associate with someone like that. I like my friends to have an IQ over 100.”

Bye, Jen. Way to rise above it all, I guess.

(And everyone: please, I beg of you, read Jen’s entire, lengthy interview with PopSugar here.)