BREAKING: Osher Günsberg Has Changed His Hair And Fans Are Losing Their Shit

Close up of TV host Osher Günsberg smiling with coiffed brown hair wearing black collared shirt

Channel Ten daddy Osher Günsberg has changed his hair. That’s it. That’s the story.

I’m already anticipating a deluge of aggy social media comments questioning why this is news and asking who cares. And you know what? I get it. But Osher Günsberg’s iconically coiffed ‘do gave my life a sense of stability and dependability. It was short on the sides with some length on top; his crisp fringe always blowdried upwards, standing to attention.

I know that kind of rigidity doesn’t come naturally, and Osher’s shiny, brown mane would’ve been hairsprayed within an inch of each follicle’s life. But that was part of the charm, I say. I always thought that if you tapped a spoon against Osher’s hair, it would delicately crack open like a crème brûlée.

Of course, that is a compliment of the highest order. My spiritual Mum Fran Fine from The Nanny would’ve done anything for that kind of volume and staying power.

The point I’m making is Osher Günsberg’s hair was consistent and I’m a creature of comfort. His beautifully sculpted style was so iconic a fan even made an Instagram account dedicated to it, for God’s sake. But now the ‘do has undergone a makeover of America’s Next Top Model proportions and I don’t know how to feel.

I feel like now is an appropriate time to reveal the new style.

I’m confused. I’m lost. Mum, can you please pick me up, I’m scared.

Osher was promoting Movember in the Instagram post, with the ‘lil video showing him shaving his face ahead of the moustache he’ll be growing to raise money for charity. We love to see it. But the hair absolutely stole the show.

It’s bleached. It’s messy. And paired with the bright orange spectacles, it’s giving verjuice queen Maggie Beer.

Here is some additional hair content.

Fans are torn. The pro-bleachers were quick to show their support.

“THE HAIR!!!!!!!!😲😲😲🔥,” one fan wrote.

“Silva daddy 🔥,” said another.

“Love it 🙌❤️🔥,” wrote a third.

“Hair goals tho ❤️,” commented another stan.

But then there were the loyalists, who seemed to be expressing their confusion in the form of jokes.

“You honestly look like a 70-year-old grandmother about to hit up the bingo haul [sic]. No offence 😂,” one person wrote.

Osher’s reply was scathing: “It’s actually based on your actual grandmother, who I had just been with. No offence.”

However, we cannot let the pithy banter distract us from the main issue at heart — that people are ragging on Osher’s new ‘do.

“When you’re picking up your kids at three and you have to film your anime at 4.30,” someone commented.

“Looks like Andy Warhol,” said another. This comparison was a bit out of pocket, IMO.

Osher Targaryen,” wrote a third.

“Hello grandma!” another jokester said.

There were also quite a few Rick and Morty references in the comments.

“Did you pick up Morty in time?” asked one person.

“It’s Pickle Osh!” another comment read.

“Rick Sanches! [sic] Oh geeez,” said a third.

There is an undeniable Rick Sanchez vibe. There’s also a bit of Ted Danson as Michael in The Good Place, which is an absolute score ‘cos that man is a bit of a daddy in my books.

It’s simply not the same, however. Don’t get me wrong: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your greys. Going salt and pepper is inevitable for us dark haired vixens, and I don’t know who I’d be if it weren’t for my root touchups every 12 weeks.

But to see the whole thing bleached is just a shock, that’s all. At the end of the day, Osher will always be a gorgeous man; the bloke could wear a ‘yuge clown wig and still look handsome.

But his sturdy Ken doll quiff will always hold a special place in my heart. Vale, dear friend.