Osher Wants To Have A Chat With Ivan About His Behaviour In Last Night’s ‘BIP’

Turns out we weren’t the only ones creeped out by Ivan’s possessive behaviour on last night’s Bachelor In Paradise as the show’s own host, Osher Günsberg has hit out at the contestant on Twitter.

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Osher was one of many viewers who criticised the dude on social media last night, writing:

“Tenille, trying to be abundantly clear,” he wrote. “Listen, Ivan. Respect what SHE wants mate.”

Adding, “SO Ivan can have his arms around TWO women – but if anyone looks at Tenille it’s not ok? C’mon pal. It’s time for us to sit down and have a chat.”

He later said that Ivan needed to own up to his “problems”.

“The more you think about it the more it confuses you? Ivan. Acceptance is the answer to all your problems,” he shared.

He went on to poke fun at the sitch, implying that he rather enjoyed seeing Tenille shut Ivan down.

“This is romantic, but can we see more of Tenille denying Ivan?” He wrote.

Osher’s sentiment basically echoed the rest of Australia’s with loads of viewers taking to Twitter to call out what they were seeing on screen.