Oscar Isaac Legit Gave Us All Permission To Call Him Daddy So Just Say When And Where, Papi

oscar isaac daddy video

Moon Knight hottie Oscar Isaac gave us all verbal permission to call him Daddy. That’s it. That’s the yarn.

Before we go any futher, I would like to apologise in advance to Daddy Isaac, his team and anyone who knows me personally. This shit is about to get absolutely fucking feral. You’ve been warned.

Isaac was asked how he felt about being called the internet’s Papi in a recent interview with the Chinese publication ET Today. He said he wasn’t aware we were all begging him to be our non-biological father, which makes me think he’s never Googled his own name.

But he said we can call him Daddy, as a treat.

“I didn’t know the fans called me Daddy,” he said.

“But that’s okay. They can call me Daddy if they want to. I don’t mind.”

Sorry to sound like a horny bottom on main but: Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Yes? OK. Good.

I will never recover from this. Isaac saw our reaction to the horny monsoon he caused in that clip with his pal Jessica Chastain. He was tired of being nice and just wanted to go absolutely apeshit.

This man knew exactly what he was doing saying this. The internet (read: me) fell into a wet puddle of its own sweat when it heard the words “you can call me Daddy” leave Isaac’s mouth.


This wasn’t the first time Oscar Isaac has been horny on main. The Dune star famously told us all to beg him to fuck us when he was reading a very NSFW script for the play Beirut. No, I am not joking.

I told you I wasn’t joking, and now I need to go take my third cold shower of the day.

Oscar Isaac stars as a hot, bumbling British history nerd with insomnia and disassociative identity disorder in Marvel’s Moon Knight. You can catch it on Disney Plus.