Wake Up Babe, Oscar Isaac Is Being Horny As Fuck On Main Again

Oscar Isaac attends the Moon Knight Los Angeles Special Launch Event, pulling a smouldering gaze in a tan coat and saying "you called?"

It brings me extreme pleasure to announce Oscar Isaac is being deliriously horny on main again, folks. There’s a solid chance it’s even more rabid than the time he gave the world permission to call him Daddy — you have been warned. Cold showers at the ready.

It all went down during a recent interview with Collider, when Isaac and his childhood BFFLs John Alvey and Bob Johnson spoke to the publication about a new graphic novel they’ve created together. Yes, that’s right: Isaac can now add “graphic novel creator” to his already impressive CV of acting and being a ‘yuge hunk o’ spunk.

The graphic novel is called Head Wounds: Sparrow and follows a nefarious detective who literally suffers the bloody wounds of the folks he’s failed to protect. The cuts will only go away if he seeks vengeance on the bad guys, which all sounds very intense.

Hats off to the fellas but with all due respect, we’re not here to talk about their new graphic novel. We’re here to discuss Isaac’s horndog mind.

The interviewer asked Isaac what the dealio was with Moon Knight Season Two, and whether it was going to be made. The bloke said he felt like he’d “been teased about a Season Two” and like “it’s confirmed, but it’s not confirmed”, so he was just looking for a straight answer. A yes or no on the rocks.

“We can’t definitively say that,” Isaac replied.

“I need my teasing abilities. Can’t drain me of those.

“What a cock tease I am. Always been.”

Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy?

I honestly have no idea why the reporter saying “teased” prompted Isaac to deliver that Wattpad-ass soliloquy. You absolutely cannot tell me the man hasn’t written a piece of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fan fiction in his time.

Isaac then confirmed “there’s no official word” regarding Moon Knight Season Two, and “we’ll see what happens”.

If the thought of Isaac saying he can’t be drained of his teasing abilities has still got you in a tizz, may I provide you with another mental image to reset your brain? In the interview, Horndog Isaac, Alvey and Johnson spoke about how they were in a Ska band in high school called The Worms.

The. Worms.

If only they were called “The Cock Teases”.