The Cheating Scandal Has Influenced Olivia Jade To Get The Hell Out Of USC

Olivia Jade

YouTube star and social media influencer Olivia Jade will reportedly not be returning to her studies at the University of Southern California next semester, after her parents were caught up in the recent admissions cheating scandal.

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Jade’s parents, Full House star Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were among 50 people charged with mail fraud and related felonies this week, after allegedly paying a $500,000 bribe to an “admissions consultant” to get her into the prestigious school.

Per reports in People, the 19-year-old has “no plans to return” when classes go back, with a source saying: “She can’t handle anything right now. She seems more and more upset every day. She just wants to stay home.”

Olivia Jade was heavily criticised this week when an old YouTube video resurfaced, in which she admitted that she didn’t really care about her education, and was mainly interested in attending USC for the game days and parties.

The teen had a number of lucrative brand endorsement deals prior to the scandal, but these now appear to be in jeopardy, with Sephora and TRESemme the first to officially cut ties. The source said that hew business is now on shaky ground, adding:

“She feels she has worked very hard to get different work deals and everything is just gone. She thought she knew what the future had in store for her, and it all just crumbled. It’s a never-ending nightmare for her. She understands the serious consequences her parents are facing and she is very scared.”

This week, Lori Loughlin was fired from the popular Hallmark channel series When Calls The Heart, and an upcoming episode was pulled. Production on the show will reportedly continue without her, although other Hallmark series involving Loughlin have been shelved.

The actress also appeared as a recurring guest star on the Netflix revival Fuller House, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, she will not be returning when the show begins filming its fifth and final season later this year.

As if all of this drama wasn’t wild enough, Olivia Jade appears to be involved in yet another cheating scandal, with reports that she appeared on a rigged game show back in 2016.

The show in question was something called Tap That Awesome App, and according to reports, Jade actually lost to fellow social media star Marissa Rachel in front of a live audience, but the final portion of the episode was reshot to make it appear she had won.

“I have nothing against Olivia. I’ve met her on several occasions and she’s perfectly nice,” Rachel told The Daily Mail. “But what happened just didn’t seem right to me. I definitely won by a significant amount.”

An unnamed source from behind the scenes has confirmed this version of events, saying that producers insisted on reshooting the ending, telling fellow contestants not to buzz in with the correct answers and making the audience clap and cheer for Jade.