We Just Copped Bulk Wholesome Tea After *That* Interview W/ The Shak’s Nitro Had Us Panicking

More tea (of a wholesome variety) has been spilled by the cast of The Shak after Beau Walker (Nitro) appeared to suggest the awesome foursome didn’t hang out off-set. Turns out Nitro’s comments might have been taken out of context so prepare for some healing content.

Jacqui Duncan (Eco) contacted PEDESTRIAN.TV to offer her perspective on The Shak cast’s friendship.

Kendall Rae (Picasso) and I actually only caught up a couple of months ago. I caught up with Drew Jarvis (Curio) this year,” the ex-Shakster said, restoring my faith in humanity.

“I think when Beau (Nitro) had his interview, the comments were just off the cuff and he was trying to explain that we didn’t actually live in a house together, doing sleepovers and braiding each other’s hair.

“We didn’t see each other every weekend, but we did hang out.”

Oh, thank GOD. Alongside the Guzman y Gomez brekkie burrito I just smashed, this has truly made my day.

During the original interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Nitro appeared to suggest that the “shaksters” didn’t really spend their free time together. The TikTok initially caused me to scream, cry and nearly throw up.


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♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Jacqui (Eco) went on to explain that there were also geographical challenges stopping the gang from spending more time with Nitro.

“During filming, we lived in Brisbane and he lived on the Gold Coast.

“Beau actually taught me how to surf. I had a crush on his housemate too (big regrets)”.

To tie it all up with a neat little bow, Jacqui dished that Kendall (Picasso) is still one of her all-time besties and the pair hang out on the regular as seen in the pic below.

“Kendall lives in LA now but went out with me on my birthday this year in May. She’s genuinely one of my best friends.”

We love to see it!

Jacqui Duncan (Eco, left) with fellow cast member from The Shak Kendal Rae (Picasso, right) Supplied: Jacqui Duncan

For those playing along at home, here’s the play-by-play of Nitro’s OG TikTok interview.

See if you can pinpoint the moment my (now-repaired) heart broke.

“You know what’s really interesting is we’re so, so different” the surfer-turned-TV personality began.

“A lot of people don’t realise this. Outside the show we never hung out.”

After I heard this I legitimately panicked. Was my childhood a lie?

It must have been the childhood ignorance but I was convinced the cast of The Shak would’ve been round-the-clock besties.

Initially, the clip made me doubt whether other TV show casts were mates too.

Were the Prank Patrol ninjas even pals? Were Bert and Ernie even homies? Were Ready Steady Cook‘s capsicum and tomato even peas in a pod?

Nitro then chimed in again to reassure us that there wasn’t any beef. *Phew*.

“Getting to know them was fine. We all got along quite well and we all gelled amazingly well.

“But we used to get that all the time, like “hey, what’s Curio (Drew Jarvis) doing?”

“All the kids were super invested which was cool. It was humbling.

“I stopped saying it because people would start getting devastated when they realised we didn’t hang out. So I was just like “cut that one.””

Thank God we cleared that one up!

After this rollercoaster of emotion, I think I’m gonna calm myself down by revisiting this banger of an opening title sequence.