There’s no doubt about it – Y2K aesthetics are coming back in style thick and fast. It’s been just over 20 years since the turn of the millennium, and as the trend cycle dictates, the fashions around that time period are once again popular. But one fashion TikToker has pointed out that the second wave of Y2K/2000s looks are using the power of hindsight to cherrypick what’s allowed to be cool again, because the fashions of the 2000s were overwhelmingly fucking shocking.

TikToker Carly Aquilino (a.k.a. @fashiongirl42069) posted up a couple of videos this week, where she explained what she thinks about when she considers 2000s fashions. Not halter tops, lowrider jeans and fuzzy Kangol hats, but the pure crimes against clothing we would commit on the reg.


#greenscreen let’s have a real talk about Y2K

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“When I think about Y2K… I think about how we really wore every accessory at the same time,” she said, stifling laughter.

“I think about how we wore jeans under skirts and dresses. We walked out the house like this.”

Finally, finally, I’m getting some god damn vindication about what people really wore throughout the 2000s.

In particular, Carly took aim at an accessory that absolutely should have been left behind in the mid-2000s where they belong: wide belts.

“One of the biggest accessories, most popular accessories at the time were these comically large belts,” she continued, showing off two photos of Kim Kardashian.

“We wore these for no reason. Every day. The outfit – no matter what you were wearing – you wore You wore the belt.”

If anyone is wearing those god-awful belts in 2021, please reconsider your life choices. We really should have rounded up all those damn belts at the end of 2009, chucked them all in a pile and lit them on fire.

She goes in on the painfully embarrassing hats we all wore (those tiny fedoras, you know the ones), and the hair we had underneath them (chunk-ass highlights pinned into a small Lauren Conrad bouffant).

After people demanded a part two of her scathing review of what we all really wore in the 2000s, Carly delivered.


Reply to @halshanson #greenscreen ok here’s part 2

♬ original sound – Carly Aquilino

In this one she went in on layering and our obsessions with tank tops and tiny vests (???), our obsession with chronically over-accessorising, skinny scarves, no-reason belts, tiny jackets, sweaters, and boleros, and why the fuck Lindsay Lohan wore suspenders to hold up her corset over the top of a white button up.

Sure, Y2K aesthetics might be back in full force in 2021, but we truly need to recognise all the horrendous fashions we all actually wore in that time. It needs to be said, because it sure as shit wasn’t all Von Dutch trucker hats and tiny bowler handbags.

Image: TikTok / @fashiongirl42069