Picture the scene – it’s 2005 and you’ve just come home from a big Friday at school. You’ve made yourself some Vegemite and cheese on crackers and you’re about to plonk yourself down on the couch to watch the greatest Australian TV program in our nation’s history – Rollercoaster.

Now, I imagine most of you know exactly what I’m talking about but for anyone who needs a refresher, here we go.

Rollercoaster was a kids TV show that ran from 2005-2010 on TV screens across the country. It was hosted by Elliot Spencer whose crazy antics kept viewers entertained in between banger TV shows such as Blue Water High, Silversun and Round the Twist.

However despite his success on screen, after the show finished in 2010 Elliot Spencer went missing from our televisions and our hearts.

This was until TikTok creator @BayleyIsTrying did a deep dive into where Elliot may have run off to.


Rollercoaster was the best thing Australian TV ever did #australia #abc3 #abc #rollercoaster #perth

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In the clip, Bayley asks us whether we remember Rollercoaster TV – to which we reply a resounding “fk yeah”.

Next, he drops the absolute knowledge bomb that our good pal Elliot is now the king of TV.

Yes, the same Elliot Spencer who cheered us up when we’d bruised ourselves playing footy on the oval that day or made us laugh after one of the other kids told us our shoelaces weren’t cool enough (bugger off Emily – I’ll never forgive you).

He is now working as the creative director for Endemol Shine Australia. “What the fk is that” you may ask?

Well as Bayley informs us, it’s the production company that makes literally every big TV show on Aussie screens. Think MAFS, Masterchef, Survivor, and Gogglebox. So no biggie…

Elliot always had a knack for making TV that glued your butt to the couch, so it makes perfect sense that he’s been part of the creative decision-making behind some of the highest-rating shows on TV.

And for our final trick – here’s Elliot’s last ever sign-off where he creates a song out of his classic catchphrase “bye for now, not forever”. Happy nostalgia vibes all round.