A Wax Figure Of Nicki Minaj Has Been Unveiled In Berlin And Ah Jeez, Look, About That

There are few simple joys in life, like the smell of rain on a warm, muggy day, or turning off your daily morning alarm the night before a holiday, or a crisp, cold beer after a long, hot day, or when statues kinda look absolutely nothing like who they’re made in the likeness of. I can’t guarantee you the first three but I’m pleased to bring you news of the last one, in the form of a new wax figure unveiling in Germany.

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The new wax figure of the NYC-raised rapper was unveiled this week at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, and fans were extremely swift in pointing out that it, uh, didn’t really look like her whatsoever.


Some fans suggested who it really could be and tbh this isn’t far off.

Like, how did this even happen? Did someone in the creation process get offered a photo of Nicki and was like “nah man I got it all up in here” and then tapped their temple? Can they not fix it?

It’s a wax figure, which means it’s malleable, right? Just pop it in the microwave for a sec to re-mould it, surely. I mean don’t leave it in there too long and really fuck it up, because we all know what happens when you try and fix a big artwork blunder, and it’s this.

And it’s not like Nicki Minaj wouldn’t be hard to make a wax figure from. I mean she’s got so many notable aesthetics that are practically other-worldly in themselves and would have been perfect to imitate. Her entire Pink Friday and Roman Reloaded eras have iconic looks out the wazoo.

Either way, I simply cannot stop staring at this and wondering, at what point, it all went so weirdly wrong.