This Giant Baby Jesus Statue In Mexico 100% Looks Like Phil Collins & He’s My Easy Saviour

It’s virtually impossible to completely determine what Jesus Christ actually looked like. Most Theologians suggest he was a rail-thin adonis with hair and beard for days. Some scientists claim he had a head like a bucket full of burnt LEGO. What form he actually took is a mystery that’ll likely never be solved, and is open to whatever interpretation you might see fit. All that said, here’s a giant-ass statue of Baby Jesus in a Mexican church that looks a hell of a lot like Phil Collins.

[jwplayer yiye2HNG]

The statue has been installed at a church in Guadalupe, and it quite possibly could be a new World Record for largest Jesus Baby statue.

Standing at a reported 6.7 metres tall and weighing 900kg, it would easily outpace the current record holder, which is a paltry 4.8 metres and 299kg.

The church’s priest stated that he had a 26-foot gap between floor and ceiling to fill, so he decided to order a 21-foot statue of the gargantuan infant child of God.

And, again, the statue sure as shit looks like someone tacked Phil Collins’ 80s head onto body of a very big baby.

There’s not a lot of doubt there, really. That’s a giant, nappy wearing Phil, watching lovingly over parishioners in Guadalupe.

Does this mean the Church is suddenly reading from a very different book of Genesis? Will we have the entire parish rise and air drum the In The Air Tonight fill rather than clasp their hands in prayer? Will the priest be informing people of the pitfalls of Something Happening On The Way To Heaven?

All hard to say at this point. What we do know is this: On the third day, he rose again.

And lo, it was Phil.