Neighbours Is Officially Coming Back So Someone Get Kylie On The Blower Right Fucking Now

Buckle the fuck up lads: we’re hooning back to Ramsay Street. Yes, you read that right. Neighbours is coming back, like a gorgeous soap opera vampire raised from the dead with a shiny new budget and fun wardrobe.

Home & Away found spewing.

Neighbours has been revived by Amazon’s Freevee streaming service, which I’ve never heard of but is apparently… free. The clue’s in the name I guess!

The show shared the news on Twitter with an obligatory clip of Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Karl (Alan Fletcher).

“Have you heard the news?” a delighted Susan asks Toadie and Karl.

“We’re coming back on Amazon Freevee!”

She then answers a FaceTime from known scary man Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) who is working some gorgeous curls and a wee bit of stubble.

In short: viewers in the US and UK will be able to watch the brand spanking new Neighbours on Freevee while Aussies, Canadians and Kiwis can watch it on Amazon Prime.

As well as the upcoming 2023 season, a bunch of “classic episodes” — Karl’s words, not mine — will be available to stream too.

And in an added twist for Australia, the new episodes will drop first on Network 10 and then on Prime Video later if you’re fanging for a rewatch.

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Amazon, I saw what you did for the Rings of Power budget and I ask you to do the same for Neighbours. Give Toadie a dragon or something. Or maybe they can get Kylie Minogue back (again).

Neighbours’ production company Fremantle made a deal with Amazon Freevee, according to The Guardian.

Fremantle CEO Jennifer Mullin described the show as “unique” and said it had a “powerful connection with its fans across the world”.

“We cherish the show and all those who have been part of its incredible story over many decades, so we are thrilled to have found a new home.”

I am genuinely shook by this news given the drama-filled finale of Neighbours which aired less than four months ago. The emotional whiplash this 37-year-old show has given me! Will I ever recover!

I’m absolutely intrigued to see what sort of wild plotlines they cook up for Neighbours 2 Fast 2 Furious (not the official name, sorry Amazon). While the four cast members featured in the promo vid are coming back, we’ll have to see who else will feature on the revamped show.

See you back on Ramsay Street I guess!