IRL Toadie Slammed The Logies’ Treatment Of Neighbours So Guess They’re No Longer Good Friends

toadie neighbours

Ryan Moloney — aka Toadie from Neighbours — has absolutely slammed this year’s Logies. Why, you may ask? Because apparently it didn’t pay adequate respect to the show ending.

I suppose if I’d spent my life playing a character literally called “Toadfish”, I’d want to receive my due respect.

ICYMI, Neighbours has officially filmed its final-ever episode so the world will be saying ta-ra to Ramsay Street for the foreseeable future.

The Logies said goodbye to Neighbours in a segment hosted by Natalie Bassingthwaite and Daniel MacPherson, who don’t currently star on the show but started their careers on it.

This was one of the things Toadie took issues with. He laid out the beef in a radio interview on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

Speaking on the show, Ryan Moloney said he thought members of the show’s current cast — the ones who’ve done their time on Neighbours — should’ve been asked to present the segment or at least say something. Where were Karl and Susan!!! Where were they!!!

“Daniel and Nat are just absolutely gorgeous people and absolutely nothing against them,” Moloney said.

“But we’ve got people who have been on TV for nearly 30 years each.

“I mean, we’re in the bloody Hall of Fame! If this how you treat a show that’s in the Hall of Fame then good luck to the Logies, really.”

The Toadfish was, in a word, fried.

One of his other gripes was where the Neighbours cast were sat.

“We turned up and we did our mandatory three-hour talking to people on the red carpet,” he said.

“Got into the room we ended up being split up and stuck on two different tables.”

Moloney described it as “horrible” and said his table was “stuck behind the cameras” so they couldn’t see the stage. As well as the seating plan and the hosting gig, Toadie took issue with the clips they used during the awards show.

Toadie was asked if he felt let down by the whole situation.

“Yeah look, in all honesty it was incredibly disappointing,” he said.

“The package that they put together… I watched it and kind of went ‘oh yeah, so Neighbours has just been summed up by a whole lot of food dumped on peoples’ heads’.”

Apparently, the sitch at the Logies was so bad that even the Home and Away cast acknowledged it.

That’s how you know shit’s fucked — if rival soap operas can overcome their differences.

According to Toadie, the Home and Away cast went up to the Neighbours cast at The Logies and “said how sorry they were” about how the show was treated.

“Maybe I should just join the cast of Home and Away,” he joked.

Yeesh. The only power strong enough to unite the casts of Neighbours and Home and Away? Beef with The Logies.