My Policeman Trailer Is Here So You Can See Harry Styles Get Stuck In Another Awkward Sitch

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Not long now until we can finally watch Harry Styles‘ long-awaited gay cop flick My Policeman on a loop! Ah, the magic of streaming services…

Here’s everything we know about the movie, from its incredible cast to the spicy as hell plot.

What is My Policeman about?

Set in 1950s Britain, My Policeman follows a cop named Tom (Harry Styles), a teacher named Marion (Emma Corrin), and a museum curator named Patrick (David Dawson) as they embark on a hella emotional journey.

Said journey takes them all the way to the 1990s where we see how their story has ended up.

Based on the book by Bethan Roberts, you can expect lots and lots of tears, so stock up on tissues before ya watch!

Who is starring in My Policeman?

Joining sex god Harry Styles is Emma Corrin (who you’ll recognise as Princess Diana in The Crown), along with David Dawson, Gina McKee, Linus Roache, and Rupert Everett.

Is there a My Policeman trailer?

There sure is!

The trailer gives us a peek at the forbidden romance blossoming between the two blokes and shit gets awkward… not unlike how shit got awkward at the Venice Film Festival this week.

Have a peek below:

Where can I watch My Policeman in Australia?

On Amazon Prime Video Australia!

When is My Policeman being released?

The hotly anticipated flick (emphasis on ~hotly~) is dropping on November 4, 2022.