Apparently Harry Styles Gets His Ass Out In His New Flick & You Can Bet Yr Bottom I’ll Be Watching

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Harry Styles has pretty much conquered the world of music and now he’s set his sights on conquering the big screen, having recently worked on a slew of upcoming films, including upcoming LGBTQIA+ romantic drama My Policeman.

The singer is set to play gay officer Tom Burgess and according to reports, he’s gonna get his kit off for the role in a spicy sex scene.

Someone who claims to have copped an early screener of the new flick wrote in to goss guru Deuxmoi, claiming that there’s lots of ass action.

It comes after an inside source told The Sun that “Harry will be having sex on screen and they want it to look as real as possible.

“The plan is to shoot two romps between Harry and David, then another scene where Harry is naked on his own.”

Harry plays a character who is married to a school teacher named Marion, who’s played by The Crown star Emma Corrin, but has been having a secret affair for years with museum curator, Patrick Hazelwood, played by David Dawson (The Last Kingdom). So basically it’s Brokeback Mountain, but make it British.

The insider added, “Not much is going to be left to the imagination. Harry is throwing himself into this new role and is really excited about the challenge, even though it’s a daunting task.

“He always wants to do things that people wouldn’t expect and challenge what people think about him — and this film will really do that.”

Based on a novel by Bethan Roberts, the film is set in Brighton in 1957, so get ready for some ye olde sex (not unlike Bridgerton).

The 2012 novel discusses the sexual mores of the 1950s and the criminalisation of homosexuality, which is apt considering Harry Styles is a proud and powerful member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

On his last tour, the singer proudly waved the gay flag and encouraged fans to “treat people with kindness” and be acceptance.

As a side note, I’m forever obsessed with Harry’s incredibly horny music video for ‘Watermelon Sugar’, a song about oral sex, where he finds every metaphor he can to giving head. Now it looks like his sexual symbolism is about to become a lot more overt and I can’t bloody wait.

Bring on the spicy sex scenes, Harry Styles! In the meantime, head here to read our analysis of all the references to oral sex in the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ music vid.