Just Gonna Say It: Harry Styles Constantly Having His Sexuality Questioned Is Beyond Fucked Up

Harry Styles graces the cover of the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens and, well, to call it divine is the mother of all understatements.

The cover is stunning, the shoot is ethereal and the the ensuing interview gave us a fabulous insight into the mind and happenings of our main man, Harry.

But I have one gripe about the whole thing. And not just this interview, it’s the general direction that all interviewers tend to take when speaking to Harry.

During the chat, the topic of his sexuality came up for the millionth time and he himself described this line of questioning as “bizarre” and “outdated.”

“I’ve been really open with it with my friends, but that’s my personal experience; it’s mine,” he told the mag.

“The whole point of where we should be heading, which is toward accepting everybody and being more open, is that it doesn’t matter, and it’s about not having to label everything, not having to clarify what boxes you’re checking.”

Although Harry assured the interviewer that he “absolutely loved” that he could speak freely about his sexuality, at the same time, should he have to?

Harry describing the constant queries surrounding who he dates as “bizarre” and “outdated” is absolutely bang on and resonated with me as a gay man.

It reminded me of when I was in high school and I was constantly bombarded by questions about my sexuality from my classmates.

And honestly, 85 per cent of the people who asked me whether or not I was gay were either people who weren’t friends or people who had flat-out been absolute dicks to me. So why would they or anyone else think it’s their right to question me about my sexuality?

That way of thinking absolutely reeks of straight privilege, to me. That you think it’s OK to constantly probe minority groups about their sexuality, like it’s your right to do so.

From my experience, frequently having your very identity analysed and questioned actually makes you less inclined to want to talk about it and sometimes causes you to revert back into your shell even more.

At this point, Harry has answered this question a ridiculous amount of times and it’s pretty much the same answer over and over, so I think it’s time that we all get the point and leave the fuck off his sexuality, yeah?

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.