WATCH: Reporter Does Live Cross Unaware Of The Giant F’kn Spider On Her

In news straight out of your worst nightmares, a large spider has made an appearance on a US morning news broadcast, crawling across an unwitting reporter’s arm as she did a live cross.

Good Day Fox 4‘s Shannon Murray was reporting on a protest at the Dallas / Forth Worth International Airport when the arachnid got all up in her business.

In the below video, she seems surprisingly chill as the large spider pops out from behind her left shoulder and saunters smugly down her arm …

This is because she had no bloody idea that the cursed critter was there at all.

“For those asking, yes I felt it,” Murray wrote on the station’s Facebook page, responding to freaked-out comments. “But I had no idea it was a spider until a viewer let me know on Facebook. EEK!”

Shannon Murray, we salute you for keeping your cool.