Viewers Slam ‘MKR’ For “Transphobic” Argument During Last Night’s Episode

Channel Seven cooking series My Kitchen Rules (MKR) has come under fire for using the word ‘trans’ as an insult in last night’s episode.

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Promotions for the episode teased that an “unforgivable word” word would be used by one contestant to describe another, leading audiences to wonder what the offensive word would be.

In the wake of the whole C U Next Tuesday incident on rival reality series Married At First Sight, some assumed that there would be a double-up of storylines with the same derogatory word used among contestants but it turns out said “unforgivable word” was trans.

In the episode, the amateur chefs discuss the physique of socialite Karolina Borkovic.

“You’re a very tall woman, you’re extraordinarily tall,” remarked one contestant.

“It’s true, I thought you were trans,” Lyn Ellbourn added. “You thought I was a transvestite?” Karolina asked.

“Only because you’re so tall,” Lyn replied, to which Karolina responded: “Oh my god, you really are saying it!”

Borkovic added that Ellbourn pointed out “something that I’m really sensitive about” and that she “friggin’ hurt my feelings.”

Lyn left the table to sob in the hallway while her partner continued to apologise on her behalf.

“It hurt my core,” said Karolina. “I have two beautiful sisters and we’re all very tall. Our stature is not particularly gentle, our personalities are not particularly gentle, but we are far from being transvestites.”

An upset Lyn said that she “put [her] foot in her mouth” and that shedid not mean to upset her, or to hurt her.”

As the episode was airing, loads of viewers slammed the show on Twitter for painting ‘trans’ as the harshest of insults, particularly in light of the baity promos.