Channel 7 has booted My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals from its Sunday night slot this week, as ratings continue to dwindle.

This’ll be the the second week in row that MKR‘s been axed from its usual Sunday primetime slot, after the show was justifiably replaced by the Fire Fight Australia benefit over the weekend.

This is an ominous sign about what’s to come regarding MKR‘s future. The show has faced axing rumours since it’s premiere, and the subsequent episode ratings that continue to nosedive haven’t helped the situation either. In fact, according to figures from TV Blackbox, MKR‘s last Sunday night shift reeled in just 476k viewers, which may sound like a lot but it’s actually quite minuscule when compared to its competitors’ Sunday night viewership: Dancing With the Stars (593k), Grand Design (599k), 60 Minutes (688k), and Married At First Sight (1.09 million).

A koala rescue doco will be aired at 7PM instead, which, judging from the below trailer and the tears that subsequently appeared around my eyeballs, is set to tear at the ol’ heartstrings.

Image: Instagram / @manufeildelofficial