Matt Preston Took A Cheeky Swing At His Former 10 Bosses On ‘The Project’ Last Night

With the shackles of MasterChef Australia well and truly thrown off, Matt Preston is enjoying a little in-between period between leaving Channel Ten and making his highly-publicised jump across to Channel Seven in 2020. And on his way out of the Ten door, he’s taken the time to have a very sly little swing at his former bosses, doing so while appearing on The Project last night, of all things.

Preston appeared on The Project last night, promoting his new vegetarian/vegan cookbook More. In the process, thanks to the magic of live TV, he gave his former employer a very cheeky ribbing before, quite literally, walking out the door.

Referencing the infamous “disgustingly good” judging moment from way back in MasterChef season two, in which Preston smashed a contestant’s plate on the ground for dramatic effect, panel member Tommy Little asked Preston just how many takes that took and how many plates he had to smash to get the shot just right.

Preston’s answer? Pure salt: “It’s Channel Ten. One plate.”

Preston clarified that with by claiming he meant Ten was being “fiscally responsible,” but we all know that’s just a half-baked cover so he can still get his complimentary Project tote bag on the way out the door.

Oh, Preston. You cheeky sonofagun.

He, alongside fellow MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan, will be forming the backbone of a new cooking competition series entitled Plate of Origin on Seven in 2020. My Kitchen Rules cornerstone Manu Fidel will also join the judging and hosting panel of that series.

Meanwhile George Calombaris will be spending 2020 feeling very bloody lucky to not be in jail.