TikTok Is Awash With People Taking The Piss Out Of The ‘MasterChef’ Opening Titles

MasterChef Australia is in a state of almighty flux and uncertainty, thanks to the rather sad departure of perennial hosts and judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston, and the decidedly more Who Gives A Shit departure of George Calombaris. With three new judges at the helm of the show, it’s hard to say what form the show will take in 2020. But thanks to scores of TikTok users, we’ve got a fair idea of how the dreaded opening title sequence might play out.

[jwplayer DT3cU4a2]

MasterChef‘s incredibly strange and often baffling opening title sequence has been put through the TikTok ringer as the latest Australian meme to begin flooding the For You page.

The meme itself is fairly straightforward, largely because the original source material itself was already ridiculous: A montage of people doing something no one in their right mind would ever do in a normal kitchen, before smiling at the camera while their name hits the screen.

The Tok (cool name, everyone’s using it) is currently flooded with various variations of the gag, which involves people doing things like slicing a raw egg, racking up lines of tomato sauce, and placing a CD player in a microwave, before they pause to smile at the camera.

It’s all incredibly wholesome, and very, very funny.

Honestly, give the MasterChef contestants next year a bread-milk challenge. Lean into it as far as you can. Make them butter carrots. Have those kitchen dorks line up single file and grind a pepper mill directly into their mouths.

Now that’s a version of MasterChef I’d be keen to see.