A few months back, Seven and Nine, two of the nation’s big broadcast networks, called something of an uneasy a truce, with Nine programming chief Andrew Blackwell saying that it’s time for the free-to-air giants to work together to stop audience fragmentation. 

That entire notion has been blown out of the water, with reality TV titans Masterchef Australia and The Voice set to debut on the same bloody night (Sunday May 1) in what is sure to test the attention, patience and loyalty of the reality TV-loving public.

Ten is banking on Masterchef to continue its ratings dominance, and has announced a series of theme weeks for this year, with guests including Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White.

Ronan Keating, meanwhile, will replace Ricky Martin on Nine’s flagship The Voice; we had to double check cuz it sorta feels like he’s already been on The Voice forever, but this is indeed his first season. 

Seven will also launch a new season of renovation show House Rules next week, and it’s expected that the show – which was pulled from its original air date last year so as not to compete with The Blockwill end up in the same Sunday time slot.

Even if House Rules flops, Seven will have the massive success of My Kitchen Rules to cushion the blow. The Gianni and Zana-less MKR finale airs this week, and TBH we can barely contain ourselves. 

Let the games begin.

Source: Daily Telegraph.