Millie Bobby Brown Posts Adorbz Throwback Clip For Ed Sheeran’s Birthday

A big part of being a super duper famous well-known celebrity is posting about your other famous mates and sharing iconic throwback pics on their birthday, at least, according to Millie Bobby Brown.

The 13-year-old powered up the ol’ social media machine to give her “personal favourite” Ed Sheeran a very sweet happy birthday post.

Millie was the one to give Ed the coveted Artist of the Year award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards and you can tell she was relishing at the opportunity, look at that smile!

Millie has been a known Sheeran stan for a while, she previously shared a homemade car karaoke video of her rocking out to Barcelona from Ed’s last album.

My heart grows twice as big every time a celebrity posts something sweet about another celeb.

Seriously, aw.