Ginger Lad Ed Sheeran To Play Prince Harry’s Wedding, Presumably In The Shade

Ed Sheeran Royal Wedding Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Hello, it’s me, P.TV’s resident Royal Wedding Psycho. Like, I’m more excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s upcoming nuptials than I have been for any of my friends’ big days, sorry (but then again, I’m not sorry at all). I jump on Royal Wedding Content like it’s the last saussy roll on the snack table. And today’s Hot Rumour pertains to the wedding reception and who is going to perform at it.

According to Us Weekly, the Ginger Prince himself will be singing at the wedding. And no, I don’t mean that Harry is going to loosen his bow tie and take to the stage for a rousing rendition of Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” after a few too many frothies. I mean other famous redhead Ed Sheeran has apparently got the coveted gig.

A source told the outlet that Harry “personally requested” that Ed sing at the May 19 shindig, so we’re guessing this means he, like me, can’t stop humming “Shape of You” despite his better judgement. Or that Meghan wants to re-enact the “Thinking Out Loud” video with her husbo, and to be honest, I can’t judge her for that either.

Us Weekly points out that back in December, Ed was asked if he’d be keen to sing at the royal wedding and he casually replied with: “Yeah, why not?” So it appears he is keen to belt out a few bangers for the happy couple at St George’s Hall in Windsor.

However, Detective Josie here has done some investigating, and it seems the in-demand singer has a prior engagement.

As part of his gigantic Divide World Tour, he’s scheduled to play in Dublin‘s Phoenix Park that night for tens of thousands of drunken Irish, no doubt with 10 increasingly shouty encores of “Galway Girl”. So let’s hope he’s got a jet, helicopter or extremely fast magic bus at his disposal so he can keep ’em happy.