A Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Movie Is Coming And They’ve Nailed The Cast

Forget The Crown for a moment: the romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is set for a movie adaptation, and the two leads have already been announced.

Lifetime, the folks behind cinematic classics like A Tale Of Two Coreys and The Psycho She Met Online, is about to start churning out Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance. 

Deadline reports the film will cover their first meeting, their surreptitious romance and undercover international trips, their first public outing and, yes, their blessed engagement.

Parisa Fitz-Henley has been enrolled to portray Markle. Best known for her turns on Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, the American actor also bears a substantial resemblance to the future royal.

Meanwhile, Murray Fraser has been cast as Prince Harry. His previous credits include The Loch and Victoria, and unfortunately for us, very few social media posts. If any. In fact, in another post on the announcement, Fitz-Henley wrote “we gotta get this dude on IG asap!”

Still, a solitary headshot provided by Lifetime does demonstrate a workable Windsor-ness to the fella.

via Lifetime

The film will be helmed by British director Menhaj Huda, who has worked on episodes of The Royals. It’ll be written by Scarlett Lacey and Terrence Coli, who’ve worked on The Royals and One Tree Hill, respectively.

Production will start this week in Los Angeles and Vancouver. The film is expected to land in the first half of this year, ahead of the actual couple’s insane nuptials.