Miley Cyrus Re-Shared *That* Bong Hit Video Ten Years On And Savaged The M8 Who Leaked It

Miley Cyrus has shared a delightful Instagram post to mark the anniversary of a very special moment in history: that time she was filmed ripping a bong and it landed on TMZ.

She was able to look back on the moment with a sense of whimsy, while calling out the so-called ‘friend’ who invaded her privacy and caused a whole lotta public scrutiny for her (may that person rot in hell).

“Happy 10 year anniversary to the groundbreaking video of a teenager smoking a bong & saying dumb shit to their friends. (Not sure the director of this fine film should be considered a “friend” but…)”, she wrote. “Time really flew by. I remember this like it was yesterday….. J/K I don’t remember shit cause I was fucked the hell up.”

The video was filmed back in 2010 at a party at Miley’s L.A. home, five days after her 18th birthday. An insider told TMZ at the time that the bong contained salvia, which is legal in California. The source added that they reckon the video was “stolen or copied” from Miley’s friend’s camera. Sure, Jan.