Miley Cyrus Is Keen On Harry Styles & Sorry, But You’ll Have To Get In Line

miley cyrus harry styles

Miley Cyrus wants to “share a life” with Harry Styles and honey, don’t we all?

Cyrus, who has already dated/married her fair share of hot men including Liam Hemsworth and Cody Simpson, has now decided that she’s also keen to give it a go with Harry Styles. Miley, I’m begging you, please leave some men for the rest of us.

Miley sat down with Heart FM on Christmas Day to discuss everything from her love life to her new album, and was quizzed on which fellow celebos she’d date in a game of ‘Would You Rather’.

After effectively friendzoning the absolute fuck out of Justin Bieber by calling him “like family”, she was quick to admit that Harry Styles is a hunk of meat.

“Harry, Justin Bieber I’ve known for way too long, it’s like family. Harry Styles, he’s looking really good,” she said in what I can only describe as a bloody Christmas miracle.

I simply cannot stress to you enough just how much I ship this. I! SHIP! THIS! I ship it. Ship ship ship.

Call me Captain Ahab because I fucking ship this.

She elaborated on her crush, saying that she’s a fan of his eclectic style and love of fishnet tights. I mean, can you blame her? I don’t mean to be too forward but Harry Styles in fishnets could *get* *it*.

“We have very similar taste. Sharing a closet, sharing a life together, it just makes sense,” she said.

It truly does just make sense Miley, I agree.

This would be a power couple of epic proportions.

To make this situation even greater, the host even said he could potentially pull some strings and set it up, as if Miley couldn’t get him on her own.

“If you want me to hit you up, I’m pretty good at it, and I know Harry so I can make it happen,” he said.

“I think I need to play cupid on this one because I think you’d make a great couple, we’d all love it. Just leave it with me and see what I can do.”