Miley Cyrus Puts Leonardo DiCaprio On Blast For Not Sharing His Vape Pen

Miley Cyrus is hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and to build hype, she stopped by Jimmy Fallon, where she was in especially Miley-ish form.
The singer and noted drug enthusiast explained that, while she was filming the show’s 40th anniversary special earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio was there hitting on a vape pen, but was not kind enough to share with her.
As Miley explained:

“It was kind of weird. I was sitting there and I was like 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio sitting there with his mom. He was hitting a vape pen … But it wasn’t him that was making me kind of nervous. I was feeling this emotion because there’s, like, a kind of etiquette-cy of when you’re there, you’ve got to pass that shit, Leo. And he never did. So that was weird to me. He wasn’t passing the vape.”
In summary, Leo clearly has poor vape pen etiquette, and Miley clearly has a lot of top-notch celebrity anecdotes still to dole out.

Photo: NBC Universal via Getty Images