Michael Turnbull, Dogger Of The Boys, Is Now Engaged To Someone From Reality TV

Tight-shirted Bachie star Michael Turnbull – a man infamous for dogging the boys by choosing Luke McLeod‘s date Lisa Hyde, then vomiting, on Bachelor in Paradise – has finally found the woman for him, in First Dates contestant Tash Candyce. They’re ENGAGED.

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Speaking to Who, the happy couple dished on making it all the way from failing to find love on reality TV (Turnbull failed twice, after coming second on Sam Frost‘s season of The Bachelorette) to a genuine romantic connection. Who also have shots of the ring ‘n shit: if that’s your bag, have a sticky HERE.

Apparently former soccer star Turnbull proposed back in mid-November in Brissie, and real estate agent Candyce didn’t see it coming: “I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest – he’s always surprising me!

Turnbull describes the romantic day’s events, and oooft, maybe the MANY Paradise women who rejected him, from Tara Pavlovic to Ali Oetjen made a mistake.

I’ve always been traditional and Natasha’s got a lovely Italian family. I wanted to ring up and get permission from the parents first. So I rang up Natasha’s parents [Ange and Roseanne] in the morning and had a good chat with them and asked permission.

They were kind enough to say yes, so then I told Natasha, just be dressed and ready to go at 5pm. I went away for a couple of hours before 5pm and then I came back and she was dressed up, looking beautiful, and we had glass of champagne. Then we had a car pick us up and drive us down to Kangaroo Point. I had a private boat waiting for us with a captain and a sea deck waitress; we had some champagne and some food, and then had a sunset cruise down the Brisbane river. It was beautiful.


This is the good shit though: he proposed exactly at 7pm because apparently seven is his lucky number, a normal thing that a normal adult man has.

I wanted to time it because seven is my lucky number so I asked the question exactly at 7pm – and that way we can always look back at 7 o’clock and say, ‘Oh that was the time that I proposed,’ and it’s got a special meaning.

Apparently they plan to get married in 2020 – and may even invite some Bachie mates along.


Candyce, according to Who back in September, gave up a spot on Married at First Sight, when they both finally decided to stop it with that on-off BS and fully commit to each other.

The couple were first linked to each other back in April, when Candyce posted a pic of them going for lunch together, not long after Turnbull’s exit from Bachelor in Paradise aired.

When PEDESTRIAN.TV asked if he’d found love since choosing to bail on Fiji, Turnbull insisted he was still single – which MAY HAVE BEEN A LIE.

I’ve taken some time out [since leaving the show] just to reassess and recalibrate, and I’m just going to get through the show. But at this stage just doing my own thing for right now.