‘Bachie’ Star Michael Turnbull Is Considering Running In The Federal Election

Folks. You know how there’s like 40 lunar eclipses happening at the moment, and Venus is in Jupiter and Neptune is 20 clicks to the East or whatever? And everyone is meant to have gone completely batshit because of it all?

[jwplayer z25Jd4AY]

Well, Bachelorette star Michael Turnbull has maybe dropped his brain off his balcony. Because, we shit you the fuck not, he has announced his possible run in the federal election.


You didn’t believe us, did you. But there it bloody is. Old mate is hoping to bring those tattered singlets and toooight shirts into Parliament House. He’s even got a hashtag! We have to give him this, #anewturnbull is some strong campaign game.

Can you fucking imagine if we had an ex reality TV star in the Senate? CAN. YOU. IMAGINE.


Good lord, we’ll keep you posted on this one you guys.