Michael Cut Luke’s Grass & Then Almost Spewed Over It On ‘Bachie’ Tonight

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise we celebrate getting through four hours of intense island content this week/deal with waterfalls of tears, just spraying everywhere, we could fill a lake.

It’s all centred around the apparent breakdown of the intense feels (refuse to call any of these relationships) between two OG Bachie couples: Eden ‘n Nina, and Luke ‘n Lisa. Like these boos’ have been in each others’ pockets since day dot, but NOT ANYMORE.

Short story goes that Eden decided to give it a shot with Tahitian princess Elora, sending Nina home. It sucks, but fine, we’re over it, we weren’t that invested.

But the real (!!!)scandal(!!!) comes in the form of rogue unit Michael Turnbull – always datin’ new girls, trying stuff out – dogging his mate, Luke: he gave his rose to Lisa, and then had a massive sook about it.

Which meant that Luke gave his to Keira because why not, she’s a good egg/has been a real delight on the show this season imho.

Earlier in the episode we gained insight into the blossoming friendship between Lisa and Michael:


But Megan also threw a spanner in the works, when she asked this question of Luke and Lisa: “If a girl came in or a guy came in that you were like ‘Holy shit’, what would happen then?

Luke: “Well for me, I think anyone that walks through the door we should get to know them.

Which was the WRONG ANSWER.

He tried to dig himself out:

… I think it would have to take someone really special to rock the boat, and if it was, I’d chat to Lisa straight-up.”


So when they were alone, Lisa, apparently hurt by Luke’s lack of commitment, said that him “waiting for the next girl to walk through the door” meant she’d be “cool to explore” her friendship with Michael.

Now, let’s turn to Michael, who made an impassioned speech at the rose ceremony, before running off to have a cry on Jarrod‘s shoulder:

This is by far the hardest decision I’ve made to date, easily. And I almost feel like I’d be selling feel like I’d be selling out if i didn’t do what I wanted to do. The last few rose ceremonies i’ve given roses to girls that i’ve had sort of a connection with. i’m not gonna do that anymore. I’m aware of repercussions, I get it. I have so much respect for you girls, I hope you know that. I came here to give roses to girls I want to get to know. I sold out. I’m not doing it anymore. For that reason, Lisa, will you accept this rose?

So uhm, a lot of girls had a bit of a tear at that, but none more than Michael himself, even as we received the commentary of Sam, describing it as a “trainwreck” that ‘decimated the bro code‘.

Can’t say Michael doesn’t feel very bloody guilty: “I’m a dog, mate, I’ve dogged my mate.”

We’ve got ourselves a Leah-Michael-Luke triangle, folks.

Immediately after the episode, Luke posted this to Insta:

Everybody deserves a second chance. None of us are perfect. We all stuff up at some point. I know I certainly have. It’s how we act and respond when we do is what matters. And rather than pushing to make something work, you should accept that maybe things just aren’t meant to be.


That doesn’t really sound like something you say about a hook-up/feels-thing you’re still in, right?

It certainly throws this from last week into stark relief.


SO! We wait until next week to find out if Luke and Lisa are splitsville/and to see Apollo make some magic. I would say “Can’t wait”, with like a clock emoji, but after these exhausting four days of back-to-back Bach, we really really can.