Megan Marx Mocks Matty & Laura’s Pregnancy Reveal In Shady Insta Post

Megan Marx

Bachelor In Paradise star Megan Marx has copped criticism for a truly wild Instagram post, in which she mocked fellow Bachie alums Matty J and Laura Byrne for their pregnancy announcement yesterday.

Alongside a photo of her with boyfriend Jake Ellis at a cafe, Marx wrote “I am proud to announce that [Jake] and I will be expecting to deliver two very big shits this afternoon after an amazing Saturday morning breakfast.”

“We will be updating our fans along the way! Thank you for all your support,” she continued, adding “I love that everyone is getting married and having babies though!”

Matty and Laura announced their pregnancy yesterday, with each one sharing photos of themselves on the beach, proudly holding up ultrasound photos.

It was a little twee, sure, but still a sweet moment, and this shady response from Megan Marx is pretty surprising, especially given the difficult circumstances around Laura’s conception.

Here’s Megan’s original post. Tag yourself – I am the unimpressed individual in the background wondering what the fuck kind of Instagram influencer nonsense is going on right now:

Comments are split pretty evenly between people telling Megan Marx to grow up and and other people telling those people to chill out and not be so offended, so yeah, it’s very much just another beautiful day of internet discourse right there.

When all is said and done, all of these people ended up drawing attention to themselves, so I guess they all win this round. Truly, what a time to be a fading reality TV star on Instagram.