Met Gala Attendees Have Leaked Vids Of Ariana Grande’s Set And They’re Doing The Lord’s Work

Two photos of Ariana Grande's performance at the Met Gala 2024

Ariana Grande just pulled off a showstopping performance to close out the Met Gala 2024, and she even invited her Wicked co-star Cynthia Erivo on stage for the big finale. 

The “Seven Rings” singer changed into an ethereal look for her set, ditching her white Loewe dress from the carpet in favour of a Maison Margiela Artisanal outfit created by John Galliano. It consisted of a simple bustier bodysuit underneath a layer of dreamy green tulle, with a dusting of gold and embroidery on top.

To tie her performance into the storybook “Garden of Time” Met Gala theme, Ariana opened with a cover of “Once Upon A Dream”, from Disney’s fairytale Sleeping Beauty

She sang some of her biggest hits from her previous albums, including “Into You” and “Seven Rings”, before belting out singles from her most recent album Eternal Sunshine, including “We Can’t Be Friends”, “This Boy Is Mine” and “Yes, And”. 

Ariana’s set was directed by Tony award winner Michael Arden. She had 30 dancers on stage as well as an entire choir backing her up.

She then invited Cynthia Erivo on stage, with the pair singing a rousing version of “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt. The song was popular in the late ‘90s, due to divas Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey coming together for the epic track. 

Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande at the Met Gala 2024
Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande were looking Wicked. (Image: Getty)

Fans react to Ariana Grande’s Met Gala performance

Fans have frothed over Ariana’s Met Gala performance, with many sharing their surprise on X (formerly known as Twitter). Sadly, it’s unlikely that the Met Gala will release a full-length video of Ariana’s performance, so we have to rely on attendees to share footage.

“I know y’all don’t record performances but this is ARIANA GRANDE THE SINGER we are talking about so I need y’all to get your shit together and have a professionally recorded video of her entire set by tomorrow morning at the latest!” one person wrote.

“Oh & y’all said cuntiana left… I’m on the floor,” another added.

“Every single person in that museum has about five seconds to take their phones out and record Ariana’s performance I’m not playing,” a third said. 

“Met Gala, two new looks and a performance. Ariana, I’m sorry for not being patient. I’ll never question your genius again,” another fan remarked.

Fingers crossed that one of the guests is an Ariana stan, so we can see her entire performance in full.

Feature image: X @takeit2far