Cannes Film Festival Worker Sparks Outrage For Rushing More Celebrities Off The Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival has been embroiled in controversy after an employee was filmed rushing celebrities off the red carpet.

Over the last week, netizens have been enthralled with the annual Cannes Film Festival. From the movies to the red carpet looks, the internet has been frothing the star-studded event.

However, this year’s festivities have been clouded by an unnamed employee who has been spotted getting heated with celebs on the red carpet.

Just today, the employee in question was filmed clashing with Dominican actor Massiel Taveras, who was attempting to pose for photographers at the Palais des Festivals staircase.

In a viral video that has surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), Taveras was trying to show off her outfit which featured a dramatic train that had a painting of what seemed to be Jesus Christ.

But as Taveras walked up the staircase, security guards and ushers were trying to rush her along. The actor was then spotted getting into a heated exchange with the accused employee, and at some point, things got physical.

It is believed that the worker who Taveras shoved was the same one who clashed with Destiny’s Child icon Kelly Rowland last week. However, it’s not confirmed.

(Source: Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images)

But wait… there’s more (unfortunately).

After footage of the clash went hyper-viral, another video popped out of the blue. This time around, the Cannes Film Festival worker — reportedly the same one who told Taveras and Rowland off however it’s not confirmed — rushed South Korean singer and actor, Yoona.

As the videos began to gain traction on social media, punters have asked for security guard to be publicly identified and sacked from the event.

Some people have also accused the worker of being racist towards Women of Colour.

Although there hasn’t been an official statement regarding the security guard in question, her colleagues have reportedly defended her and dismissed the racism allegations in a statement to the Daily Mail. They also clarified that she wasn’t a security guard, but actually an usher for the event.

“She was only doing her job,” the insider told the publication.

“She was an usher working under a lot of pressure to keep people on the carpet moving, so as to stop crowds building up. There was no pushing or shoving, or scolding. Security and safety are the priorities, along with keeping to strict timetables set according to contracts – even the celebrities have to stick to the rules.

“Lots of ushers are involved, and they always act professionally and with politeness.

“In this case, the usher was certainly only doing her job – she didn’t do anything wrong.”

As of writing, the Cannes Film Festival has not released a statement regarding the red carpet. However, Kelly Rowland spilled the tea on her heated exchange with the employee.

“The woman knows what happened. I know what happened. I have a boundary and I stand by those boundaries and that is it,” Rowland explained in an interview with AP News.

“And there were other women who attended that carpet who did not quite look like me and they didn’t get scolded or pushed off, or told to get off. And, I stood my ground, and she felt like she had to stand hers, but I stood my ground.”

Neither Taveras nor Yoona have publicly commented on their interactions with the unnamed employee.

Image source: X / @notcapnamerica & @popcrave