Meghan Markle’s Givenchy Wedding Dress Is About To Go On Public Display

Hello peasants/people still completely obsessed with our newest Royals, may we present to you what is probably your one and only chance to get real, real close to a royal wedding gown.

It is time to get necessarily harsh rn: you are 25 years old, it is time to officially give up your dedication to Disney princess movies and the possibility you will become the next Mary Donaldson aka the Australian Princess of Denmark, who met her beau at Sydney‘s Slip Inn in 2000. You will not be getting a Givenchy royal wedding dress all of your own. That is not your lot in life.

Your lot in life is eating Doritos and watching The Bachelor in a pair of tracksuit pants with holes in them.

Brutal huh? ANYWAY, truth talk over, let’s pivot to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

As reported by the Associated Press, Markle’s actual Givenchy wedding gown and a copy of Prince Harry’s little suit (the frock coat uniform of the Blues and Royals regiment) are going on display at Windsor Castle later this year and at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh mid-next year.

Yep, you’re gonna be able to get up real, real close to Markle’s silk dress, her five-metre-long silk tulle veil and even the tiara made from diamonds and platinum that she borrowed off Lizzie Babes.

So if you fancy the journey all the way up there to have a gander at some royal mementos from the 19 May ceremony, A Royal Wedding: The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex care of the Royal Collection Trust, will be in Windsor from 26 October this year to 6 January 2019, and up in Edinburgh from 14 June to 6 October 2019. Plenty of time to pinch your pennies for a flight.

Haz and Megs are set to travel down to Australia in October, where they’ll be visiting Haz’s very own Invictus Games in Sydney, which run 20 to 27 October, a multi-sport event he made up in 2014 that pits wounded armed services personnel and vets against each other on the field/pitch/sea/whatever.