BLESS: Meghan Markle’s Dad Was Snapped Reading A Picture Book On Britain

When those close to you get married, it’s generally good practice to learn about your new extended fam. Their customs, history, and values can all be ascertained to strengthen those fresh familial bonds. And, if you’re the father of royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle, some of those facts can be learned through a big old picture book entitled Images Of Britain.

Thomas Markle, father of the 37-year-old actress engaged to Britain’s Prince Harry, has been snapped in his hometown of Rosarito, Mexico, digging into a wonderfully informative book on his daughter’s new home.

First published in 1990, the book contains photos of Windsor Castle – the site of the couple’s May nuptials – along with stacks of other sites the British royal family probably owns in some capacity.

Speculation has mounted that Markle delved into that tome in preparation for his reported appearance at the wedding.

Previously, sources claimed his daughter intended to shun tradition by having her mother Doria Ragland walk her down the aisle.

But speaking to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle, Jr said “I know how proud [Thomas] will be to take her arm and walk her down the aisle,” adding “he is not just representing his family, he is representing America.”

In any case, Markle is potentially one of 600 folks invited to the event – and, if he does actually attend, he could probably just take his own snaps of Britain.