At a time when many of us have been reduced to hurling out event invitations on Facebook, Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle have gone ahead and commissioned some of the fanciest wedding invites ever commissioned – and footage of their creation is probably just as good as heading along to their nuptials, anyway.

Kensington Palace today revealed that around 600 people have been invited to the couple’s wedding on May 19, and that those fortunate few were sent invitations printed on a vintage press operated by 24-year-old Lottie Small.

Luckily for us, images have emerged of the printing process. Folks, it’s basically mechanical ASMR. Forget the wedding: we need a live-stream of the Small working the Barnard and Westwood press, please and thank you.

The royal wedding will be held at St George’s Chapel, followed by a lunchtime reception at St. George’s Hall. 200 guests are invited to the full-on evening reception at the incredibly-named Frogmore House.

And we’ll be here watching these videos on repeat. Thank God for Maude.

Image: Kensington Palace / Twitter