‘Bachie’s Megan Marx Didn’t Know Tripping On ‘Shrooms In Bali Heaps Illegal

Bachelor in Paradise‘s Megan Marx has posted on her blog for the first time since December about her experience taking ‘shrooms in Bali in July last year – and that she had no bloody idea doing so is super duper illegal.

Yeah turns out possessing ‘shrooms in Bali can carry a four- to 12-year jail sentence, and up to million-dollar fines. Yikes.

Who woulda thunk that a country with some of the harshest drug laws in the entire world – like even possessing Mary Jane is punishable in the same way – wasn’t so into tourists ‘n locals tripping balls on ‘shrooms?

Compare that to home sweet home, where the max penalty is two years and/or a $2K fine.

Still: Marx got away with it – and she actually took the safest recreational drug, according to the World Drug Survey released in May last year, which found that only 0.2% of users needed to seek emergency medical treatment after taking ‘shrooms. Compare that to the unsurprising figure of 4.8% of meth users, and even 0.6% of stoners.

In the blog, Marx said this time around – the time she actually posted video of herself and friends consuming the fungi as an Insta story – was her third, and it and all others were “completely positive“. She describes ‘shrooms in Bali’s Uluwatu as “lining the paths like the human spine“.

Story goes her and her mate Andi decided to make a double Tinder date on the island a lot more interesting by going into it high as balls, a power move if I ever saw one.

She goes on to describe her feelings throughout the trip and tries to find semi-scientific explanations for them: she says she first felt elated,  “like there were ‘little men in my cheeks pushing them up into a smile’“. And then felt “more capable and agile with words and thoughts“, like she could communicate and recall memories better.

She says, while they continued to take ‘shrooms with their dates, dancing to Spanish music in someone’s villa, she didn’t have one of those “unharnessed dream-like experiences” people talk about. For her: “colours are brighter and glittery, the world more beautiful and connected, my flesh made of joy“.

Probably didn’t go down like this.

Marx advises you proceed with caution though if you’re keen to go the hallucinogenic route:

I’d never necessarily encourage others to take them. Not only is it illegal but everyone reacts differently on hallucinogenic drugs. You need to be sure that what you are taking isn’t poisonous, that it is in the right dose, that your headspace beforehand is positive, and you’re with people you trust- otherwise you can expect something less than favourable…

^^Actually very sound advice. Read the whole thing HERE if you wanna know more about Marx’s ‘shroomsperience.